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Being the largest university of the country, University of Dhaka (DU) provides plenty of scholarship opportunities to the students of the university for acknowledge their merits, hard-works and academic performances. In addition, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Dhaka (CSEDU) too provides ample scholarship opportunities to the student of this department. A departmental committee named as Scholarship Committee and chaired by Professor. Dr. Suraiya Pervin selects the potential scholarship recipients in every year based on the applications from CSEDU undergraduate students. Currently, five types of scholarships and awards are available at CSEDU:

1. Hasna Hena Merit Scholarship

This scholarship is supported by one of the CSEDU alumni from MSc second batch and the scholarship is in the name of his late mother. An amount of approximately 40,000/- BDT (equivalent of 700 Canadian Dollar) is awarded to 4 students per year based on the decision of scholarship committee. However, the amount and number of scholarship recipients vary for this scholarship as well depending on the number of applications and the decision of scholarship committee.

Scholarship Disbursement Program, 2014

2. Dohatec New Media Scholarship

Dohatec provides 1,92,000/- BDT to CSEDU which is awarded to 8 students: 2 students from each academic year in undergraduate program, that is, 24000/- BDT to a student in 12 months. They also provide a handsome amount for arranging the scholarship giving ceremony once in a year at the CSEDU premise. However, the number of students and hence the amount of scholarships vary based on the number of applicants and the decision from Scholarship Committee.

Scholarship Disbursement Program, 2014

3. Professor Lutfar Rahman Award

The scholarship is awarded by the eminent educationalist of the country and the founder chairman of the department Professor Dr. M. Lutfar Rahman. Every year, from the profit amount of a FDR of 2,00,000/- BDT, an approximate amount of 20,000/- BDT and a certificate is awarded to the student who secure the first position in the 4-year BSc (Hons) program.

Scholarship Disbursement Program, 2014

4. Chemon Ara-Ahmedullah Merit Scholarship

An approximate amount of 12,000/- BDT, which is obtained from the profit amount of an FDR of 1,00,000/- BDT, is awarded to one student from undergraduate program for 1 year. The CSEDU scholarship Committee selects the student based on the applications and the need of the students. However, based on scholarship committee’s decision, if the number of potential applicants is more than 1, the amount is equally awarded among those students.

Scholarship Disbursement Program, 2014

5. CSEDU Ambidexterity Award

CSEDU introduced CSEDU Ambidexterity Award from 2015 for students who have tremendous result in both academic and programming contest arena. The objective of this award is to encourage students to achieve good academic results while devoting himself/herself in competitive problem solving as well. The total amount of this award is 30,000 BDT which is divided among all qualified candidates equally while maintaining a maximum limit of 10,000 for each award winner.

Scholarship Disbursement Program, 2015

6. Farida Begum Women Empowerment Scholarship

This scholarship is supported by one of the alumni from B.Sc. 5th Batch Ms. Fahima Amin Bhuyan (and her sisters Saima Amin Bhuyan and Shaila Amin Bhuyan). Its named after their mother Late Farida Begum. The objective of the scholarship is to promote programming and problem solving among the female students of CSEDU. Each year, a female student from the 4th year will be selected as the mentor. She will be selected based on merit on Programming Contests. The mentor will guide the female students of 1st year and 2nd year. This way, more female students will be interested about the competitions. The mentor will get 5,000 BDT each month as part of the scholarship. Female students, performing well in programming competitions, will also get rewards under the scholarship.

Winner and Participant of FBWES, 2018

All the above five scholarships and awards are handed over to the students with an end-of-year scholarship giving ceremony arranged at the department. Apart from the above scholarship/award opportunities at CSEDU, students are also entitled to apply for the central scholarships provided by the University. Visit http://www.du.ac.bd/scholarship.php to explore more about the university scholarships.