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Getting Around CSEDU

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering is located in the Science Complex, right beside the Science Library in the Mukarram Bhaban compound. The Science Complex is positioned at one of the roads leading from the famed Doyel Circle towards Shaheed Minar. The others lead to High Court, Curzon Hall and TSC respectively. The premise is full of lush greeneries and a concrete foyer leading towards various departments from the main gate. The building is flanked by Science Library and Center for Advanced Research in Sciences (CARS).There are also Institution of Information and Technology (IIT), Institute of Renewable Energy and other departments surrounding the building.

Science Complex
Science Complex (Entrance)

2nd Floor (Level-3)

The department is comprised of the 2nd and 3rd floor, Level-3 and Level-4 respectively, of the Science Complex. The rest of the building is utilized by Biochemistry, Genetic Engineering and Pharmacy. There is a lift that runs through the building for effective mobility. The departmental floors consist of class rooms, dedicated laboratories for Software and Hardware, Library, Office, Faculty Offices etc. The department is under complete surveillance twenty four hours a day for total security.

On the 2nd floor, on the right of the entrance, there is a lobby which is commonly used by the students for congregation and communication. On farther right, a corridor leads towards a prayer hall and other facilities. The small corridor on the left leads towards the octagon that acts as a nexus for departmental offices, classrooms and laboratories as these rooms circle around this structure. The first room on the left of this corridor is the Store Room (Room 304) and the second is Hardware Lab II (Room 305).

Circling the octagon in an anti – clockwise manner, the very first room on the right is the Seminar Library (Room 325) with a comprehensive collection of books and related resources where students can study in a serene environment. The next room on the right serves as an extension of the Departmental Office (Room 324). This room is followed by the Teacher’s Lounge (Room 323). This lounge serves as the common room for the faculty members. This place is also used for important meetings, presentations and interviews. The next room is the Office of the Chairman (Room 322). From here, the Chairman of the department administers all departmental activities.

Poster presentations from MS students (Level – 3)
The Octagon (Level – 3)

The departmental office is located in the next room (Room 321), which is the source of all information regarding the department, faculties, admission, etc. At this junction, there are three paths leading towards three different areas. The front path leads to the stairwell. The corridor on the left leads towards newly constructed software lab (Room 320, Software Lab V), the Samsung Innovation Lab (Room 317) and some offices of faculties. The Samsung Innovation Lab is sponsored by Samsung™ where important research work is conducted by the faculties and students

Office of Executive Engineer (Level – 3)
Corridor leading towards Office

The third room on the left of this corridor is the Office of Student Advisor (Room 316), Dr. Saifuddin Md. Tareeq who is in charge of advising the students on any academic and communal matters. The third path circling around the octagon leads towards Software Lab I (Room 313), Hardware Lab I (Room 311), a few offices of faculties and Software lab II (Room 307). The last room ending the circle is the Executive Engineer’s room (Room 306). The room numbers in Level-3 and the corresponding function of the rooms are listed below:

Room No.Description
304Department’s Store Room
305Micrprocessor and Interfacing Lab (Hardware Lab II)
306Room for Executive Engineer (Mr. Md. Haniful Hassan Siddique)
307Software Lab II
309Faculty Room (Professor Dr. Suraiya Pervin)
310Faculty Room (Dr. Chowdhury Farhan Ahmed, Associate Professor)
311Electronics Lab (Hardware Lab I)
312Faculty Room (Professor Dr. Md. Shabbir Ahmed)
313Software Lab I
314Faculty Room (Mrs. Shuvra Chakraborty, Lecturer)
315Faculty Room (Dr. Moinul Islam Zaber, Assistant Professor)
316Faculty Room (Professor Dr. Saifuddin Md. Tareeq)
317Samsung Lab
318Faculty Room (Dr. Ahsan Raja Chowdhury, Assistant Professor)
319Faculty Room (Professor Dr. Md. Hasanuzzaman)
320Software Lab V
321Department Office
322Chairperson’s Room
323Teachers’ Lounge
324Department’s Office Extension
325Seminar Library

3rd Floor (Level-4)

On the 3rd floor (Level-4), on the right of the entrance, there is another lobby which is outfitted with sports equipment including a Table Tennis board and a Carom board. This area is used for recreational activities in between academic responsibilities. On the far right, a corridor leads towards the caretaker’s chamber and other facilities. The small corridor on the left leads towards the octagon similar to the pathway on the 2nd floor.

The first room on the left of this corridor is the Female Common Room (Room 404). The second is the Networking and OS Lab (Room 405). This corridor leads straight towards another corridor with some offices of faculties. On the right, there is another corridor orthogonal to this junction that leads towards the Graphics Lab (Room 427), the Server Room (Room 425) and some offices of faculties.

Classroom – 412 (Level – 4)
Table Tennis Board (Level – 4)

Circling the octagon in an anti – clockwise manner again leads to another three way junction. The frontal pathway leads towards the stairwell. The corridor on the left leads towards a classroom (Room 420), some offices of faculties and the Media Room on the far left (Room 417). The third path circling around the octagon leads towards two classrooms (Rooms 412 and 413). All the corridors, rooms and laboratories are monitored via the surveillance system for security. The room numbers in Level-4 and the corresponding function of the rooms are listed below:

Room No.Description
404Female Common Room
405Software Lab III (Operating Systems Lab)
407Faculty Room (Professor Dr. Hafiz Md. Hasan Babu)
408Faculty Room (Mr. Mahmood Jasim, Lecturer, and Mr. Muhammed Tawfiqul Islam, Lecturer)
409Faculty Room (Ms. Anna Fariha, Lectuer)
410Faculty Room (Professor Dr. Md. Abdur Razzaque)
411Faculty Room (Dr. Amin Ahsan Ali, Assistant Professor)
412Class Room
413Class Room
414Faculty Room (Ms. Shaily Kabir, Associate Professor)
415Faculty Room (Mr. Md. Samiullah, Lecturer)
416Faculty Room (Dr. Muhammad Asif Hossain Khan, Associate Professor)
417Media Room
418Faculty Room (Mr. Shiplu Hawlader, Lecturer, and Mr. Hasnain Heickal, Lecturer)
419Faculty Room (Professor Dr. Md. Mustafizur Rahman)
420Class Room
421Faculty Room (Ms. Ismat Rahman, Lecturer)
422Faculty Room (Dr. Rumana Nazmul, Assistant Professor)
423Faculty Room (Ms. Lafifa Jamal, Associate Professor)
424Faculty Room (Mr. Abu Ahmed Ferdaus, Associate Professor)
425Server Room
426Faculty Room (Professor Dr. Md. Rezaul Karim)
427Software Lab IV (Graphics Lab)

6th Floor (Level-7)

This floor is currently under construction and the work is expected to be finished by this year. The initial plan of the 6th floor includes many additional facilities like conference room, prayer room and extensions to the office room. The small corridor on the left leads towards the octagon similar to the pathways of other floors. The first room on the left side is the office room. There will be two labs on the left side of the office room. These are High Performance lab and Robotics lab. The goal of the Robotics lab is to conduct researches in various fields including Robotics, AI, Computer Vision, Bio-informatics etc. The High Performance Lab will be provided with high tech computing and simulation tools.

If you follow the floor plan closely, the stairs, office and both high performance and robotics labs are on the southern side of the octagon. On the western side, there will be two classrooms. The northern side will have a software lab with high performance workstations. On the east, there will be a large conference room. We hope that we’ll be able to provide all the necessary facilities on this conference room so that any national or international seminars and conferences can be hosted here. The additional facilities like faculty rooms and prayer room are planned to be on each corner of this floor.