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Curriculum of Undergraduate Program (Old)

Curriculum of Undergraduate Program (Old)


Credit Hours
Course Code Course Title Theory Lab
CSE-1101 Computer Fundamentals 2
CSE-1102 Programming Fundamentals 3
CSE-1111 Computer Programming Lab I 1.5
EEE-1121 Electrical Circuit Analysis 3
EEE-1131 Electrical Circuit Analysis Lab 1.5
PHY-1122 Physics 3
CHM-1123 Chemistry 3
MATH-1124 Calculus 3
Total Credits in Year-1, Semester-1 20.0


Credit Hours
Course Code Course Title Theory Lab
CSE-1201 Discrete Mathematics 3
CSE-1211 Computer Programming Lab II 1.5
EEE-1221 Digital Systems 3
EEE-1231 Digital Systems and VHDL Lab 1.5
EEE-1222 Basic Electronics 3
EEE-1232 Electronics Lab 1.5
MATH-1223 Linear Algebra 3
STAT-1224 Introduction to Statistics 3
APE-1225 Engineering Drawing 2
Total Credits in Year-1, Semester-2 21.5


Credit Hours
Course Code Course Title Theory Lab
CSE-2101 Data Structure 3
CSE-2111 Data Structure Lab 1.5
CSE-2102 Object Oriented Programming 3
CSE-2112 Object Oriented Programming Lab 1.5
CSE-2103 Computer Architecture 3
CSE-2113 Computer Architecture Lab 1.5
MTM-2121 Ordinary Differential Equation 3
STAT-2122 Introduction to Probability 3
BUS-2123 Introduction to Business 2
Total Credits in Year-2, Semester-1 21.5


Credit Hours
Course Code Course Title Theory Lab
CSE-2201 Database System 3
CSE-2211 Database Lab 1.5
CSE-2202 Microprocessor and Assembly Language 3
CSE-2212 Microprocessor and Assembly Language Lab 1.5
CSE-2203 Design and Analysis of Algorithms 3
CSE-2213 Design and Analysis of Algorithms Lab 1.5
MTM-2221 Numerical Analysis 3
ECO-2222 Economics 2
SCO-2223 Sociology 2
Total Credits in Year-2, Semester-2 20.5


Credit Hours
Course Code Course Title Theory Lab
CSE-3101 Peripheral and Interfacing 3
CSE-3111 Peripheral and Interfacing Lab 1.5
CSE-3102 Data and Telecommunications 3
CSE-3112 Data and Telecommunications Lab 1.5
CSE-3103 Software Design Pattern 3
CSE-3113 Software Design pattern Lab 1.5
CSE-3104 Mathematics for Computer Science 3
ENG-3221 Professional English 2
GEN-3222 Bangladesh Studies 2
Total Credits in Year-3, Semester-1 20.5


Credit Hours
Course Code Course Title Theory Lab
CSE-3201 Software Engineering 3
CSE-3202 Computer Networking 3
CSE-3212 Computer Networking Lab 1.5
CSE-3203 Finite Language, Automata and Computation 3
CSE-3204 System Programming 3
CSE-3213 System programming Lab 1.5
CSE-3205 Operating Systems 3
CSE-3214 Operting Systems Lab 1.5
Total Credits in Year-3, Semester-2 19.5


Credit Hours
Course Code Course Title Theory Lab
CSE-4101 Artificial Intelligence 3
CSE-4111 Artificial Intelligent Lab 1.5
CSE-4102 Compiler Design and Construction 3
CSE-4112 Compiler Design and Construction Lab 1.5
CSE-4103 Computer Graphics 3
CSE-4113 Computer Graphics Lab 1.5
CSE-4104 E-Commerce and Web Engineering 3
CSE-4114 E-Commerce and Web Engineering Lab 1.5
Total Credits in Year-4, Semester-1 18.0


Credit Hours
Course Code Course Title Theory Lab
CSE-4201 Distributed Systems 3
CSE-4211 Distributed Systems Lab 1.5
CSE-4202 Machine Learning and Data Mining 3
CSE-4212 Machine Learning and Data Mining Lab 1.5
CSE-42XX Optional Course 3
CSE-42XX Optional Course Lab 1.5
CSE-4251 Project/Industry Attachment 5
Total Credits in Year-4, Semester-2 18.5

Optional Courses

Credit Hours
Course Code Course Title Theory Lab
CSE-4261 Simulation and Modeling 3
CSE-4281 Simulation and Modeling Lab 1.5
CSE-4262 Cryptography and Network Security 3
CSE-4282 Cryptography and Network Security Lab 1.5
CSE-4263 Digital Signal Processing 3
CSE-4283 Digital Signal Processing Lab 1.5
CSE-4264 Digital Image Processing 3
CSE-4284 Digital Image Processing Lab 1.5
CSE-4265 Multimedia 3
CSE-4285 Multimedia Lab 1.5
CSE-4266 Pattern Recognition 3
CSE-4286 Pattern Recognition Lab 1.5
CSE-4267 Design and Analysis of VLSI Systems 3
CSE-4287 Design and Testing of VLSI Systems Lab 1.5
CSE-4268 Micro-controller and Embedded System 3
CSE-4288 Micro-controller and Embedded System Lab 1.5
CSE-4269 Cyber Law and Computer Forensic 3
CSE-4289 CyberLaw and Computer Forensic Lab 1.5
CSE-4271 Natural Language Processing 3
CSE-4291 Natural Language Processing Lab 1.5
CSE-4272 System Analysis and Design 3
CSE-4292 System Analysis and Design Lab 1.5
CSE-4273 Optical Fiber Communication 3
CSE-4293 Optical Fiber Communication Lab 1.5
CSE-4274 Human Computer Interaction 3
CSE-4294 Human Computer Interaction Lab 1.5
CSE-4275 Graph Theory 3
CSE-4295 Graph Theory Lab 1.5

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