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The Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSEDU) encourages the members of the CSEDU family to be outspoken, innovative and vigorous in both their academic and nonacademic activities. Various clubs with multitudes of activities attest to that mentality. There are various clubs with specific focus in the department. The largest and most active among them is the Computer Science and Engineering Student Club (CSEDUSC). This club is focused on organizing cultural extravaganzas, indoor sports festivals, technical sessions or talks, philanthropic work and many more.

Along with the CSEDU Students Club (CSEDUSC), there are other clubs including CSEDU Programming Contest Club, CSEDU Football Club, etc. Although these clubs are not as prominent as the CSEDU Students Club, these clubs become active from their dormant stage at specific times in a year. The CSEDU Programming Contest Club is most active around the NCPCs and ICPC Regional contests. Likewise, the CSEDU Football Club is most active around major football tournaments.

The CSEDU Students Club works as an umbrella organization for all the other clubs. It is a well-structured club that maintains an active governing body with strict election policy and practices club rules and regulations properly. The other clubs are budding organizations under CSEDUSC and they are transforming to become standalone clubs with their own separate rules and governing bodies. Until that time, CSEDUSC is responsible for all club related activities. The members are conscripted from this club to maintain all other club activities. All the clubs are exclusively accessible to all CSEDU members who are willing to abide by the rules of the clubs.

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