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Campus Life

The Department and the University

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering is located in the Science Complex, right beside the Science Library in the Mukarram Bhaban Compound. The Science Complex is positioned at one of the roads leading from the famed Doyel Circle towards Shaheed Minar. The others lead to High Court, Curzon Hall and TSC respectively. The department consists of the 2nd and 3rd floor of the building. The premise is full of lush greeneries and a concrete foyer leading towards various departments from the main gate. The building is flanked by Science Library and Center for Advanced Research in Sciences (CARS).There are also Institution of Information and Technology (IIT), Institute of Energy and other departments surrounding the building.

Science Complex
Doyel Circle (Doyel Chattar)

Mukarram Bhaban Compound Gate

Being a part of the department also means being a part of the Dhaka University which has been a symbol of education and cultural progress in the country. A vast array of cultural, educational, athletic and social activities is available to all students of Dhaka University. The campus activities are based on the concepts of inspiring the community members to express their talents and to respect all members of the community. The university campus is a bustling community that offers the students abundant opportunities for arts, culture, sports, recreation and socializing.

Cultural Event at Dhaka University
Cultural Event at Dhaka University

Aparajeyo Bangla in front of Arts Faculty
Raju Vaskorjo at TSC

The Proctorial Body

The university is regulated by the proctorial body. The body is responsible for maintaining the peace and stability within the university. The body is also responsible for preventing any and all criminal activities inside the department. Any misconduct, illicit activities or behavior outside of the norms of the society are sternly handled by the proctorial body. It is a reminder to all students that respect is what makes people civil. The department and the university are established on this realization and deviation from this dictum is not lightly overlooked.

Housing and Accommodation

One of the University’s most distinctive characteristics is its closely knit and integrated residential community. Housing is guaranteed for undergraduates, and nearly all students to live in the campus. The residential experience is central to the educational program of Dhaka University which offers support in achieving personal growth and maturity. The residential halls are separate for male and female students.The male residential halls include, Shahidullah Hall, Fazlul Haque Muslim Hall, Amar Ekushey Hall, Jagannath Hall etc. For females, the residential halls are Ruquyyah Hall, Shamsun Nahar Hall, Kabi Sufiya Kamal Hall, Bangladesh-Kuwait Maitree Hall etc. These halls have their own distinct sub cultural activities and events.

Fazlul Huq Muslim Hall
Shahidullah Hall

Bijoy Ekattar Hall

Academic Building

The Academic Building (Registrar’s Building), located near the Fuller road is administratively the most important infrastructure of the university. All the administrative activities are carried out from this facility. The office of Vice Chancellor, Pro Vice Chancellor, Registrar, Treasurer and other important administrative figures are located here. The admission of students, examination admission card issue, examination control, and every other administrative activities are performed here.

Academic Building

The Curzon Hall

One of the most important infrastructures for the students is the famous centennial Curzon Hall. This hall was named after the then incumbent Viceroy of India, Lord Curzon. The foundation was laid down in 1904. In 1921, with the establishment of the University of Dhaka, the building was transformed in to the base of the university’s Science Faculty which is still in operation today. This building is important for the students of the department because this hall serves as the primary final examination hall the department of Computer Science and Engineering. The hall itself is surrounded by multitudes of departments and the hall premise is a common place for the students to congregate, share knowledge or simply have a conversation along with a cup of tea from numerous tea stalls.

Curzon Hall
Curzon Hall interior during examination

A decorated Curzon Hall at night
Curzon Hall exterior

The Teacher-Student Center (TSC)

Another important infrastructure for the students is the Teacher-Student Center (TSC) of the University of Dhaka. It was established in 1961. It is a historical place, known to render service to the students and teachers as well as to other communities of the society with its facilities. Teacher-Student Center is an all-campus activity center designed for relaxation and guidance. It serves as a community center for majority of the cultural and social activities carried out by students as well as departments and other renowned organizations. It brings together an auditorium, dining rooms and meeting rooms, library and reading rooms, art and music rooms,game rooms, banks,clubs, cyber center, student counseling and guidance center etc. all under a single roof. Students and faculty members can socialize in the cafeteria and the bookstore lounges as well as in the sports and recreational areas. Recognized campus organizations hold their meetings, functions, lectures, and arts exhibitions here. Discussion sessions are frequently scheduled, journals and bulletins are published, and competitions are held, giving the university a varied and interesting program of cultural and social events. It should be mentioned that TSC was one of the first infrastructures in Dhaka University to provide complete Wi-Fi coverage.

The Teacher-Student Center (TSC)

Clubs and Organizations

The students are encouraged to explore and challenge their abilities in not only academic endeavors but in other extracurricular activities as well. The University provides the students a lot of options to choose from while pursuing these activities. The students can join the Dhaka University Journalists Association (DUJA), Dhaka University Tourist Society (DUTS), Dhaka University Film Society (DUFS), Dhaka University Debating Society (DUDS), Dhaka University Photographic Society (DUPS), Dhaka University Rover Scout Group, Bangladesh National Cadet Corpse (BNCC), Dhaka University Career Club (DUCC), Badhan – a voluntary blood donation organization, or join one of the other several recreational and skill developing organizations that are in operation around the campus.

Institute of Modern Languages
14 years celebration of DUPS

Sports and Athletics

Sports and Athletics have been a part of department’s tradition. The department earned championships in Football, Cricket and other sports multiple times. The University provides sports and gymnasium facilities to its students. Just opposite of the Mukarram Bhaban compound, the Dhaka University Swimming Club is located where students can take advantage of its superb pool facility along with other amenities. Directly adjacent to the gymnasium field is the Dhaka University Athletic Society where students can play different popular sports and indulge in athletics and even learn Martial Arts.

Dhaka University Swimming Pool
Jagannath Hall field

A Football match at the Gymnasium field

Medical Center

The Medical Center of the University of Dhaka, located near the Science Annex Building, offers free medical service and free pathological examinations to students. The Center has dental unit, eye unit, x-ray department and multiple ambulances. The Center has arrangement for thirty bed accommodation for students who need to be hospitalized and cared for under proper supervision. A small Operation Theater has been established in the Center to conduct minor surgeries. Students get medicine from the Center completely free of cost. A Homeo Unit is also present to provide treatment and medicines free of cost to the students.

Dhaka University Medical Center
Ambulence service at Dhaka University Medical Center


The campus holds the tradition of the Bangladeshis being a food loving nation. The campus and surrounding areas are full of eateries, roadside cafes and tea stalls. All the residential halls have their own canteens for resident as well as non-resident students. Many street food corners can be found around the Dhaka Medical College Hospital, TSC and near Shahbagh. TSC Cafeteria, Modhur Canteen, Science Cafeteria, FBS Food Court, DUCSU Cafeteria, countless restaurants near Chankhar Pool and many other eateries are there to satisfy the student’s nutriment necessities.

TSC Cafeteria
Faculty of Business (FBS) Food Court

Modhur Canteen
Modhur Canteen interior


University of Dhaka provides free and exclusive transport services for students. Although the number of the bus is insufficient for the vast number of students, the university is determined to provide the best service possible for the students. The bus schedule for different parts of the city can be found in the bus depot. The service is always available even on university holidays unless noticed otherwise.

A single-decker bus from Dhaka University transport service


Apart from the departmental library, the students have access to both Science Library and Central Library. Both of these libraries house massive collections of books, journals and other academic documents. The central library also has a gigantic collection of non-academic books, novels, poems and multiple other forms of literature. The students are required to register themselves in these libraries to borrow the books or they can simply find a quiet place and study there.

Central Library
Science Library

National Festivals

The department and the university arrange cultural and national activities all the year round. The most notable of these extravaganzas are Amar Ekushey Boi Mela in the month of February which is arranged by Bangla Academy and is held jointly at Suhrawardy Uddan and Bangla Academy premise, the International Mother Language Day at Shaheed Minar and Bangla New Year celebration which is celebrated all around the university as well as the whole country.

Bangla New Year celebration
Bangla New Year celebration

Amar Ekushey Boi Mela entrance
A book stall at Amar Ekushey Boi Mela

Shaheed Minar on International Mother Language Day and Martyr’s Day on 21st February