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The Department of Computer Science and Engineering is full of numerous activities all the year round. Besides the regular academic and administrative events, the department organizes and participates in activities ranging from social and cultural extravaganzas to programming and software contests and sports spectacles. Majority of these are organized by the students of the department while some are organized by the university itself or other departments where CSEDU joins in for either competition or general participation. The students are always encouraged to join these activities actively with enthusiasm and vigor.


Cultural Activities

In accordance with the rich cultural pedigree of the department, the most notable of all the activities celebrated in the department are the yearlong cultural activities. These celebrations include the First Year Inauguration Festival, Bangla New Year Celebration, First Day of Spring, Independence Day, Victory Day and others. These celebrations are organized by the students and all the faculty and alumni members are invited for reunion and festivity.

Celebrating Pohela Boishakh (the Bengali New Year)

Programming Contest

The department have a strong culture of programming contest and this event is the most common of all the other occasions. Programming contests are arranged and participated by current students. These contests are frequently arranged throughout the year for practice and sometimes competition. The frequency of this event increases around major competitions in local and international programming contest arena. Students of the department are committed to programming contests and their performance have brought glory for the department several times. DU Gryffindor participated in the ACM ICPC World Finals in 2005. Following their success, in 2009 DU Dark Knights also placed themselves amongst the very best teams in the ACM ICPC World Finals and positioned 49. In keeping with the tradition, the students of the department are motivated to compete in the highest level. A reflection of their conviction is found in their performance in numerous competitions, including DU Resonance finishing champions in NCPC 2011 and IUT ICT FEST 2011, DU Avengers finishing Champions in IUT ICT FEST 2013 and QAAIPC 2014, etc. The department regularly participates in large scale local programming contests including ICPC Regional NCPC, SUST CSE Carnival, IUT ICT FEST as well as regional contests held in regional contests in Amritapuri, IIT Kanpur and IIT Kharagpur.

DU Dark Knight at ACM ICPC World Final 2009

Software Contest

Along with the programming contests, software contests are also arranged where the students boast their skills in software development in competitions that are arranged in intra or inter university scale. Students of the department participate in some of the largest software contests arranged in Bangladesh including SoftExpo, Code Warriors’ Challenge, National Hackathon, etc. to demonstrate excellent development skills.

National Mobile Application Award

Robotics Competition

Students of the department are also interested in Robotics and frequently participate in different Robotics competition inside and outside of the university. In 2010, DU Terminator finished 2nd in the NextSapien’s International Robotics and Intelligent Systems Competition with their Line Follower Robot. In keeping with this tradition more and more students are participating in related competitions and tournaments.

NextSapien’s International Robotics and Intelligent Systems Competition


Numerous sports events are organized by the university as well as the department including inter and intra department football tournaments, inter and intra department cricket tournaments along with other sports like handball, volleyball, basketball, etc. The students are always encouraged to participate and compete in these tournament and display their athletic skills, leadership and team prowess in a friendly competition with their peers. The students have managed to achieve several tournament cups and accolades for their performance and contribution in these events.

Inter Department Football Match

Debate Competition

The department invests it’s talents on many fronts including debating in inter and intra university debating championship. The departmental culture of logic building and constructive arguments on philosophical, social and real world concepts has endorsed some of the best debaters in the university. Their perseverance have endowed them with multiple awards including the champion’s title in 2011 Inter University Debating Championship, quarter finalist’s position in 2010 and 2012 in the same competition along with many other awards and honorable mentions.

Robi Drishty Debate Championship

Annual Excursion

One of the most important event organized by the senior most students of the B.Sc. program is the annual excursion. The choice of venue is one of the neighboring countries including India, Nepal, Bhutan, etc. The expedition is funded by the department, sponsors and the students themselves. It is customary for the senior most students to arrange, spearhead and organize this voyage which builds up massive team spirit, firsthand knowledge about interesting places and culture along with mutual respect and leadership. The department believes these events will be extremely beneficial for the student’s careers and future endeavors. Along with this event, similar excursions are encouraged and partially funded by the department where all the alumni are invited for congregating and reminiscing.

Study Tour at India