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Faculty Profile

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Dr. Sarker Tanveer Ahmed Rumee

ডঃ সরকার তানভীর আহমেদ রুমী

Assistant Professor

Office Location: Room 410

Research Interests: Operating Systems, Smartphone security, Program Analysis, Bioinformatics


Aug 2010 - Present

Aug 2010 - Present

Aug 2009 - Present

Jul 2008 - Aug 2009

Conference (2)

  1. Sarker Tanveer Ahmed Rumee, Donggang Liu: DroidTest: Testing Android Applications for Leakage of Private Information. In The 16th Information Security Conference (ISC 2013). (2013)
  2. Nguyen, Tuan A, Sarker TA Rumee, Christoph Csallner, Nikolai Tillmann: An experiment in developing small mobile phone applications comparing on-phone to o -phone development. In Proceedings of the First International Workshop . 22: 9-12 (2012)