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Faculty Profile

Ismat Rahman

ইসমাত রহমান

Assistant Professor

Office Location: Room 314

Research Interests: Cloud Computing, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Green IT, Green Supply Chain Management

Journal (3)

  1. Ismat Rahman, Rahman, I: An Estimation to Speaking Frequency in Video Streaming. Information Technology and Engineering (BEST: IJMITE). 3(2): 41-46 (2015)
  2. Ismat Rahman, Kabir, M. R.: The Role of Business School in the Current Global Context. Journal of Business Administration. 36(3): (2015)
  3. Ismat Rahman, N Nower, Ferdous, T.,, Ahsan Raja Chowdhury, K C Rahman, S F Hasan: Optimal Load Balancing of Hierarchically Structured Multiple Home Agents. International Journal of Computer and Information Technology (IJCIT). 2(1): 96-101 (2011)