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Honor Board

Md. Fahim Arefin

Md. Fahim Arefin secured the first position in the year 2017 in the BSc (Hons) program securing the highest CGPA among 50+ graduating students of his batch. He expressed his utmost gratitude to his parents, teachers, friends and family for their support and guidance for making him who he is today. His life mantra is "Maximizing Happiness" and accordingly, he would advise his successors to do "whatever maximizes happiness for them in the long term".

Fahim passed SSC from Monipur High School in 2011 and HSC from Notre Dame College in 2013. He is a student of CSEDU 20th batch and is currently pursuing his MS by research degree from CSEDU.

CSEDU Ambidexterity Award 2017

CSEDU Ambidexterity Award celebrates excellence in both academic result and programming contest arena. Achieving distinction in both is extremely difficult given the efforts required is humongous.

Riddho Ridwanul Haque and Nahian Ashraf (Raida) are the winners of this prestigious award for the year 2017. They are the first person ever to win it multiple times. They are both from 21st batch of CSEDU.

Riddho, currently 1st in his batch, is an excellent problem solver. His team stood 6th in IUT ICT Fest 2017. He is currently in 3rd year. We hope he will continue his journey forward and prosper.

Nahian, currently 2nd in her batch, is an unique talent. Her team stood 6th in SUST CSE Fest 2017. She is also in 3rd year. We hope, her example will motivate students to reach for a bigger dream.

Sabrina Zaman Ishita

Sabrina Zaman Ishita secured the first position in year 2016 in the BSc (Hons) program securing highest CGPA among her batch with 50+ students. She is grateful to her parents, teachers, friends and all the people who cares about her for every little success she has achieved in life. Her message to her successors is "Don't be good at the things you're told to do, be good at the things you enjoy doing and productive as well". She plans for higher study abroad in the future. Her goal is to be a prominent researcher.

Sabrina passed her SSC from Mohammadpur Girls' High School and HSC from Holycross College. She is a student of 19th Batch of CSEDU and currently pursuing MS in the department.

CSEDU Ambidexterity Award 2016

Shahadat Hossain Shahin, Nahian Asharf (Raida) and Riddho Ridwanul Haque (from left to right in the picture) are the three winners of the prestigious "CSEDU Ambidexterity Award" in the year 2016. They are all from CSEDU 21st Batch.

The award celebrates excellence in both academic arena and programming contests. Such a feat is most difficult to achieve and we congratulate all three of them to achieve such a humongous record.

Riddho, stood first among his batch for consecutive semesters and also stood 8th in NSU Cybernauts, 2016. He is one the brightest prospect of CSEDU.

Shahadat, who stood 5th among his batch is one of the most promising contestants. He and Riddho resides in the same team which stood 8th in NSU Cybernauts, 2016.

Nahian, the first female student to win the award, stood 3rd among her batch. She stood 4th in National Girls Programming Contest (NGPC), 2016.

The award winners exhibit tremendous talent and perseverance in both academic and competitive programming. They are an inspiration to every student in achieving excellence.

Md. Ashraful Islam

Md. Ashraful Islam secured the first position in year 2015 in the BSc(Hons) program securing highest CGPA among 50+ graduating students of his batch. He expressed his utmost gratitude to his parents, teachers and friends as he believes he could not be what he is today without their support. According to him, “Life is simple if you don’t complicate it”. And following this thought, his message towards juniors is, “Don’t spend too much time planning for your future. Finish the task that is right next to you with maximum perfection possible. A perfect future will then come to you”. He passed the SSC from Babuganj Pilot Secondary School in 2009 and HSC from Amrita Lal Dey College in 2011. He is a student of CSEDU 18th batch and currently pursuing his MS by research degree from CSEDU.

Tanzir Islam

CSEDU introduced "CSEDU Ambidexterity Award" from this year for students who have tremendous result in both academic and programming contest arena. This year Tanzir Islam of 20th Batch (currently in 2nd year 2nd semester) won the award for his excellence in both sectors. Tanzir is part of the team DU_Neuromancer which stood 5th in the NCPC held in RUET this September. He also achieved 5th place (GPA 3.79/4.00) among his batch mates the last semester. CSEDU hopes that Tanzir will continue his hard work and achieve something truly great. CSEDU wishes that other students will follow his foot-marks and the award will continue to inspire students to reach excellence. The award is given by the three faculty members of the department, Anna Fariha, Md. Shiplu Hawlader and Hasnain Heickal.

Sharbani Pandit

Sharbani Pandit, student of 16th batch of CSEDU, is going to Georgia Institute of Technology in fall 2015 to pursue her PhD. Georgia Tech is among the top 10 Computer Science graduate schools in the world where Sharbani is going with fully-funded scholarship. High scores in GRE (325) and TOEFL (115), a very good academic result, and rigorous research experience played the key role to her success. Her mother has been a huge inspiration to her who always wanted Sharbani to pursue higher studies. Back then, Sharbani thought that she would become an astronaut, albeit the current goal is slightly deviated from that one. Along with the contribution of her mother, she is very grateful to all the teachers in her life for helping her discover the potentials and their beliefs that she would achieve great success. So, despite all challenges, she always had the confidence that, "What you believe, you can achieve". Regarding her career objective, she expressed her desire to work as a researcher in a reputed research oriented organization where she can employ her experience as a research assistant and conduct meticulous researches in exciting and challenging areas.

Md. Mahmudur Rahman

Md. Mahmudur Rahman secured the first position in year 2014 in the BSc (Hons) program securing highest CGPA among 50+ graduating students of his batch. He acknowledged his punctuality, sincerity and persuasion of knowledge as the catalyst of his success. He expressed his gratitude to his supportive parents, teachers, senior fellows, friends and everyone who have been at his side when needed. His thought about learning is, "Learning should be bondless. If you learn for result, it will return only result. But, if you learn for self-satisfaction, it will return a lot more than that". His philosophy is, "Simple living, high thinking". He dreams about a world where everyone is for everyone. Before being admitted in CSEDU, he passed the SSC from Zinzira P. M. Pilot High School in 2008 and HSC from Notre Dame College in 2010 with highest successes in both the exams. He is a student of CSEDU 17th batch and currently pursuing his MS by research degree from this department.

Ashis Kumer Biswas

Ashis Kumer Biswas, Lecturer of CSEDU (On Study Leave) and a PhD researcher in University of Texas at Arlington, USA, is awarded Best Paper Award at the IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Bioengineering in November, 2014. With co-authors Bao Zhang, Xiao Wu, and faculty advisor Jean Gao, Ashis wrote a paper entitled, “NMF-based LncRNA-Disease Association Inference and Bi-clustering.” Ashis developed an efficient computational methodology, sparse non-negative matrix factorization, to disclose the collective effects of lncRNAs. His model can not only reveal the lncRNA-diseases associations, but also can group lncRNAs and different diseases based on their genetic similarity. Ashis expressed his excitement about winning the best paper award at the IEEE BIBE, 2014, and he believes that the award will definitely motivate him and his research fellows in the Biomedical Computing and Intelligent Systems Lab (BioMeCIS). Ashis completed his BSc (Hons) and MS from CSEDU being a student of department’s 8th batch and joined here in 2010 as faculty member. Ashis’s research focuses on the development of efficient computational algorithms to solve biomedical problems with large data size that emphasizes on genomics study.

Md. Mofijul Islam Akash

Md. Mofijul Islam Akash, a 16th batch student of CSEDU, and his teammates (Ekram Hossain, an 18th batch student of CSEDU, and two other fellows from two universities) was awarded National Mobile Application Award in culture and tourism section at National Application developer conference 2014-15 for Hajj Wizard mobile application. This app was also nominated for World Summit Award 2015. National Mobile Application Award 2014-15 is organized by the ICT division of Ministry of Post & Telecommunication in Bangladesh in collaboration with World Summit Award. A total of 212 apps were selected from all around the country, where 76 of those were shortlisted. “Hajj wizard” is a user friendly, Bangla mobile app for people of all ages who want to perform Hajj without aggravation. It is a complete guide for Hajj and Umrah with audio content in Bangla. This app helps to solve problems of pilgrims that they have been facing for many years. It is fully authenticated by National Islamic Foundation and every feature of this app has been added based on user survey and feedback. This is Bangladesh’s first complete Bangla mobile app for hajj.