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Animation Lab


About the Course

Certificate course in 3D Animation is a year-long course that will be your first stepping stone into the world of 3D art. With your instructors’ guidance, here you will complete and solidify the basics of Design, 3D modeling, Texturing, Animation, Dynamics, Rigging, Lighting, Rendering & Compositing and produce a final project with the help of everything you learn. This curriculum will open up a world of job opportunities in various sectors of the growing industry of CG & animation in Bangladesh.

About the Animation Lab

World Class Animation Lab

Animation Lab, CSE, DU is the first & only place in Bangladesh with a world class standard animation lab with state of the art equipment and software. Our instructors are graduated from top international schools and current professionals working in Bangladesh animation industry.

About Lab Environment

The ambient of the animation lab is on par with international standard decor with soft lighting focused on each student’s work area to accentuate attention between student and teacher. The animation lab is also equipped with posters and relevant books on 3D art to inspire students to explore their creativity.

Hardware & Software

Our animation lab is equipped with high end Dell precision T5810 desktops that consists Intel Xeon Processors, 64 GB RAM and professional NVIDIA Quadro GPU along with IMac 27 with 5K Retina display. These hardware are capable of handling international industry standard workload for CG artists and animators. Our lab is equipped with essential licensed software such as Autodesk Entertainment Suite Ultimate (3ds Max, Maya, MotionBuilder, Mudbox& Softimage), Adobe CC 2017 production premium software, ZBrush 4R7, Final cut Pro etc.

Drawing Tablets

Our animation lab is prepared to handle the high-end drawing, texturing and digital sculpting challenges with our Wacom Cintiq 27QHD creative pen and touch display. These tablets support 1.07 billion colors with 2048 pressure levels for ultimate edgeless imagination.


About the Instructors

Our instructors are established industry professionals with extensive production experience and they bring their passion & experience right into the classroom. They are graduates from top world-renowned Animation & Visual Effects schools such as Gnomon School of Visual Effects, Hollywood, USA and Multimedia University, Malaysia. They have been active members of the growing animation and VFX industry of Bangladesh, with professional background from studios such as Durga Digital LLC (ThemGreeks) (LA, USA), Grey Advertising Bangladesh Ltd., IMS Ltd., Softograph Ltd. and Ogniroth Studios. Their skilled artworks has been featured by Autodesk more than once. Our instructors offer international standard education and material to the students that reflect their experiences, in depth knowledge on animation pipeline and the skill requirements for the animation industry.

About Dhaka University

University of Dhaka is the oldest and most prestigious public university in Bangladesh. Since its inception the University has a distinct character of having distinguished scholars as faculties who have enriched the global pool of knowledge by making notable contributions in the fields of teaching and research. While serving as the highest echelon of academic excellence, this University also functions as a central premise for free thought and democratic practices that has lead the nation in its march towards progress. For more information please visit www.du.ac.bd

About Department of CSE, DU

Department of Computer Science and Engineering started in 1992 and provides one of the finest learning environment for the students. Currently it offers BSc, MS, MPhil and PhD programs in Computer Science and Engineering. It attracts the brightest students of our country for its world-class curriculum, highly qualified faculty members and well equipped computer labs. Alumni of this department have  been working successfully in both local and global tech industry. For more details visit www.cse.du.ac.bd

Certificate Course in 3D Animation

Course Duration: 1 Year

Class Time: 10 AM to 1 PM and 6 PM to 9 PM

Course Details

All courses are lab based. The classes will be conducted in the lab and hands on experiments will be done regularly.

Course Outline    
  Semester I Credits
1. Introduction to Maya 2
2. Fundamentals of Composition and Design 2
3. 3D Modeling 4
4. Fundamentals of 3D Animation 4
5. Shading and Texturing 2
  Semester II  
1. Body Mechanics 4
2. Lighting and Rendering 2
3. Rigging 2
4. Dynamics and Compositing 2
5. Project 6
  Total Credits 30

Course Details

Introduction to Maya

This course will introduce Autodesk Maya and how the skills of this software can be applied to other similar software. The students will be able to understand the variety of task and skill set that can be learned through the mastering this one software. The students will be given some background of 3D art and animation.

Fundamental of Composition and Design

This course will be designed to help student learn the rules of composition in motion graphics, film, poster, and every other design related things. The students will learn the importance of line, balance, weight and camera rules. 

3D Modeling

The course will offer knowledge on polygon modeling using Maya, covering a range of subjects including hard surface, architecture, organic and basic character. This course provide beginners an industry level understanding of modeling.

Fundamentals of 3D Animation

The course will provide students with the knowledge of the 12 principles of animation -an explanation and guide on how to use the tools to edit animation. It will cover the fundamentals of body mechanics for characters and the workflow of animation for films.

Shading and Texturing

The course teaches students how to work between Photoshop and Maya and other similar software. They will have the knowledge to texture and shade characters, environment and props from photorealistic techniques for mm, to hand-painted styles for animation and games. This will develop the understanding of efficient texture and material production.

Body Mechanics

The course will provide students with different body shapes of rigged characters that they can use to do exercises containing push, pull, lift and jump. They will learn to use body language and have a general idea of how body moves in action.

Lighting and Rendering

The course teaches students how to effectively utilize the mental ray with Maya, with an emphasis on production workflows and techniques for various lighting conditions. Develop their artistic and technical workflow for photo-realistic results.


The students will learn how to create simple rig for bipedal humanoid characters and other props. It will provide them with understanding on how constraint and set driven keys allow animators to move and animate object inside 3D space.

Dynamics and compositing  

This course teaches students to merge various elements in a cohesive whole from live action element to 3d rendered graphics. The student will learn the flexibility of compositing techniques to develop various looks while achieving believable results.


A project will be assigned to each individual student or in a group of 2 to produce a 30-40 second animated sketch that shows off body mechanics, environment modeling and dynamics/effects skills. Also they will need to provide a storyboard/animatic with an understandable storyline for each short sketch which will be approved by the instructors. They will have full freedom to utilize their creativity in storytelling/design to capture all the criteria of principles of animation, modeling and dynamics.

Tuition Fees

Admission Fee: Taka 5000.00 (five thousand only) and

Course Fee: Taka 150000.00 (Taka one lac fifty thousands only)

Eligibility for Admission

The animation certificate courses will be offered to HSC pass student and might be relaxed for people with extraordinary artistic capacity.

English medium students: At least 5 O-level and at least 2 A-level subjects must be completed. There must not be any F in any of the exams.

Admission procedure

To complete admission one has to complete three steps procedure. The steps are, first, one has to apply here, second, one has to take part in the admission test and if successful get enrolled. The details are as follows:

Application Procedure

  1. First you shall have to pay application fee of taka 1000.00 to the bank account name: “Animation lab, CSE, DU”, account name “number : 0200009311416”, Agrani Bank, University of Dhaka Branch. You will probably be able to pay this application fees from any branch of Agrani Bank which allows online (direct deposit) banking.
  2. With the payment slip scroll number, date and branch name you will be able to submit your application within 25/01/2018(Thursday).
  3. You will get a confirmation email within 48 hours.

Admission Test

  1. An admission test will be conducted on 27/01/2018(Saturday) at 10am-11am. The exam will be held in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, 4th floor, Science Complex Building, University Dhaka. The list of selected suitable candidates including waiting list will be published on 29/01/2018(Monday).
  2. You shall have to bring application fee deposit slip and your national ID card to sit for the admission test. Without the deposit slip you will not be allowed to sit in the admission test.

Enrollment procedure

  1. Please fill up online admission form
  2. Bring original mark sheet and/or certificate of SSC and HSC to CSE, DU office after filling up your admission form
  3. Bring a copy of mark sheets, NID/passport/birth certificate
  4. After verification of documents office staff will print and take your sign in the admission form
  5. Office staff will give you a pay slip (with seal and id)
  6. Pay admission fee (Taka 5000.00) and full tuition fees (Taka 150000.00) in the bank account name: “Animation lab, CSE, DU”, account name “number : 0200009311416”, Agrani Bank, University of Dhaka Branch and bring the deposit slip to department office for confirmation.
  7. Orientation program will be held on March 01, 2018(Thursday) at 10:00AM. Place: Lab 405(Department of Computer Science and Engineering).
  8. Come on March 04, 2018(Sunday) to start class.

Admission Test Question Format

  1. You can download the animation lab admission test question pattern here. 
  2. You can download a sample admission test question here. 

You have to fill up and submit an online application form.


1) What makes Dhaka University Animation Lab better than other schools?

* Our instructors are working professionals in the country who have studied from abroad and utilize modern skills and techniques in their work. At Dhaka University, they are utilizing the techniques and methods they have learned and bringing it here to help you reach international standards.

* Animation Lab at the department of Computer Science and Engineering of University of Dhaka is the only place in Bangladesh where students will be working on licensed softwares and industry quality machines to work on their assignments and projects.

* Animation Lab at the department of Computer Science and Engineering of University of Dhaka offers a variety of additional resources to help you learn more such as the most recommended selection of books that will be available during class time, Q&A sessions and critiques from professionals working on today’s industry.

* Animation Lab at the department of Computer Science and Engineering of University of Dhaka will not just be a one-time program. Its goal is to create a community and a qualified young workforce to speed up this already booming industry in Bangladesh.

2) Academic Calendar & Program Structure

04-Mar-2018 – First Term Begins

13-Jun-2018 – Eid-ul-Fitr Holiday

21-Aug-2018 – First Term End / Semester Break / Eid-ul-Adha Holiday

01-Sep-2018 – Second Term Begins

30-Jan-2019 – Second Term Ends

The Academic Calendar will be explained in more detail and handed out to you by the teachers in your orientation class.

Please refer to our website and brochure for the program curriculum, which also will be explained more in detail in class.

3) Is prior animation experience important for this program?

Prior animation experience is not required for this program as it will teach you from basics to entire production pipeline. During program, sketching will be part of assignments to create storyboard/animatic. The quality of the drawing will not be graded upon, rather your ability to convey your idea.

4) Will the certificate help me get a job or apply abroad?

Yes. The certificate from the department of Computer Science and Engineering, Dhaka University will definitely help with your job placement, as well as applying for undergrad programs in foreign schools that require a Foundation program prior.

5) What is the typical weekly schedule for a student?

During a term, there are 4 days of regular lecture sessions of 3 hours from Sunday-Wednesday and Thursday will be an optional Q&A with your teachers, which also is 3 hours long.

Evening batch 6-9pm, Morning batch: 10am-1pm

The Q&A session will be the best time for you to clarify any problem you are facing with an assignment or did not understand certain part of any lecture and need to revisit the chapter again. During those times, the computers will be free to use for students for their assignments.

6) How much time should I plan to spend on my coursework?

Weekly you will have 12 hours of classes. On top of that, another 5-10 hours of focused work and practice is highly recommended. The time estimate will depend on your skills in Maya, as a modeler and where you are in the program. Towards the end of each term, you should be working on full gear to deliver your best work.

It is possible to work full-time and take this program with diligent time management, as there are classes offered from 6pm-9pm. To learn more about class timing, please contact the university or check our brochure that can be downloaded from the website.

7) Who are the instructors and what is their background?

Our instructors are industry professionals who have been selected for their technical ability and teaching skills. You can learn more about them in the brochure or website.

8) Do I need a powerful computer at home to work?

No. It’s possible for you to work freely in the Animation Lab at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of University of Dhaka on your class assignment/project. To practice at home, all you need is the Autodesk Software and HDD space for your project files. A laptop is also fine.

For rendering your assignments, we will recommend to use our Animation Lab computers as they are very powerful and will give you quick results.

9) Do I need to bring my own laptop in class?

No. Animation Lab at the department of Computer Science and Engineering of University of Dhaka has powerful desktop computers just for each of you to learn on. It will be your choice to bring laptop for a class purpose if you wish, but to participate in the class, all you will need is yourself and a pen and a notebook to take notes.


1) What are the admission requirements?

The animation certificate courses will be offered to HSC pass student and might be relaxed for people with extraordinary artistic capacity.

2) Do I need to have art experience or good drawing skills to be successful at Dhaka University Animation Lab?

Drawing skills are not a requirement of this program and will not necessarily be taught as part of the curriculum


1) What are the Softwares Animation Lab will teach?

We will only teach on Autodesk Maya 2016. We teach Mental Ray for rendering. We have Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator available for texturing and design purposes.

Although we use Autodesk Maya, if you are well versed with Autodesk 3ds Max or any other similar software and want to use for your project, you can do so as long as the final output is viewable in class.

2) What is the proper etiquette expected from a student when attending Animation Lab at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of University of Dhaka program?

Animation Lab at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of University of Dhaka is a place for mutual respect where we gather to learn from each other. We firmly discourage negative comments. You are here to learn and your teachers are here to help you prepare for the industry. Please be respectful and don’t talk over your teacher during a lecture session.

Attend Q&A & Practice sessions and make the best of your available time. Remember, you will get as much out of your education as you put into it.

3) What constitutes a passing grade?

According to the Dhaka University grading policy, 40% mark is required to pass this certificate course. Details about grading will be discussed in class by your instructors.

4) What is your refund policy?

Fixed number of students is admitted and hence there is no refund after admission. There you are advised to consult physically with the office if you have any question.



1) Can I pay some of my tuition now and some later?

No. Unfortunately, we currently don’t have any other payment plan.

2) How can I make my tuition payment?

All payment will be made through the Bank. Bank account name:  “Animation lab, CSE, DU”, account name “number :0200009311416”, Agrani Bank, Dhaka university Branch.

3) Do I have to pay for my classes all at once? Can I pay in installments?

Yes. Currently we don’t offer any other payment plan. For more info, please contact university finance.

4) How much does the course cost?

Admission fee (Taka 5000.00) and full tuition fees (Taka 150000.00) for the course are payable once at the time of admission. Application fee(Taka 1000) is not included in any of those fees.

Important Dates

Application Deadline 25 January, 2018(Thursday)
Admission Test 27 January, 2018(Saturday)
Admission Test Result 29 January, 2018(Monday)
Admission End Regular 15 February, 2018(Thursday)
Admission End Waiting List 22 February, 2018(Thursday)
Orientation Date: 01 March, 2018(Thursday)
Time: 10:00AM
Place: Lab 405 (Department of Computer Science and Engineering)
Class Start 04 March, 2018(Sunday)


Animation Lab
Department of Computer Science and Engineering,
University of Dhaka, Shahbag Dhaka, Dhaka 1000
Phone: 01721879655


Web: www.animation.cse.du.ac.bd
Mail: info@animation.cse.du.ac.bd

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