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Welcome to CSEDU. The highest echelon of technology and academics.


The Department of Computer Science and Engineering is one of the pioneering educational institutions in and outside of the university. The long list of achievements ranging from organization of premium research conferences and programming contests to personal accomplishment attained by the students and faculty members of the department is a strong proof of efficacy and dedication of the department towards achieving higher standard of education and organizational management.

Achieving educational excellence has always been the department’s primary concern. Nevertheless, the department is also focused on multitudes of supplementary activities including programming contests, sports, cultural extravaganzas and organization of research conferences and seminars. By tradition, the department is consistently improving in pursuit of excellence in these areas through diligence and commitment.


The Department of Computer Science and Engineering encourages the members of the CSEDU family to be outspoken, innovative and vigorous in both their academic and nonacademic activities. Various clubs with multitudes of activities attest to that mentality. There are various clubs with specific focus in the department. The largest and most active among them is the CSEDU Student Club (CSEDUSC). This club is focused on organizing cultural extravaganzas, indoor sports festivals, technical sessions or talks, philanthropic work and many more.

Along with the CSEDUSC, there is the CSEDU Programming Contest Club, which focuses on the organization of intra and inter departmental programming contests, programming camps, training for the contestants, etc. This club also holds internal programming contests regularly as practice contests to keep the contestants sharp. There is also the CSEDU Football Club which is formed to oversee all football related activities. The club is especially active during the tournament seasons and takes over to manage the CSEDU football team.



The Department of Computer Science and Engineering is full of numerous activities all the year round. Besides the regular academic and administrative events, the department organizes and participates in activities ranging from social and cultural extravaganzas to programming and software contests and sports spectacles. Majority of these are organized by the students of the department while some are organized by the university itself or other departments where CSEDU joins in for either competition or general participation. The students are always encouraged to join these activities actively with enthusiasm and vigor.

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CSEDU Ambidexterity Award 2017

CSEDU Ambidexterity Award celebrates excellence in both academic result and programming contest arena. Achieving distinction in both is extremely difficult given the efforts required is humongous.

Riddho Ridwanul Haque and Nahian Ashraf (Raida) are the winners of this prestigious award for the year 2017. They are the first person ever to win it multiple times. They are both from 21st batch of CSEDU.

Riddho, currently 1st in his batch, is an excellent problem solver. His team stood 6th in IUT ICT Fest 2017. He is currently in 3rd year. We hope he will continue his journey forward and prosper.

Nahian, currently 2nd in her batch, is an unique talent. Her team stood 6th in SUST CSE Fest 2017. She is also in 3rd year. We hope, her example will motivate students to reach for a bigger dream.


Sabrina Zaman Ishita

Sabrina Zaman Ishita secured the first position in year 2016 in the BSc (Hons) program securing highest CGPA among her batch with 50+ students. She is grateful to her parents, teachers, friends and all the people who cares about her for every little success she has achieved in life. Her message to her successors is "Don't be good at the things you're told to do, be good at the things you enjoy doing and productive as well". She plans for higher study abroad in the future. Her goal is to be a prominent researcher.

Sabrina passed her SSC from Mohammadpur Girls' High School and HSC from Holycross College. She is a student of 19th Batch of CSEDU and currently pursuing MS in the department.


CSEDU Ambidexterity Award 2016

Shahadat Hossain Shahin, Nahian Asharf (Raida) and Riddho Ridwanul Haque (from left to right in the picture) are the three winners of the prestigious "CSEDU Ambidexterity Award" in the year 2016. They are all from CSEDU 21st Batch.

The award celebrates excellence in both academic arena and programming contests. Such a feat is most difficult to achieve and we congratulate all three of them to achieve such a humongous record.

Riddho, stood first among his batch for consecutive semesters and also stood 8th in NSU Cybernauts, 2016. He is one the brightest prospect of CSEDU.

Shahadat, who stood 5th among his batch is one of the most promising contestants. He and Riddho resides in the same team which stood 8th in NSU Cybernauts, 2016.

Nahian, the first female student to win the award, stood 3rd among her batch. She stood 4th in National Girls Programming Contest (NGPC), 2016.

The award winners exhibit tremendous talent and perseverance in both academic and competitive programming. They are an inspiration to every student in achieving excellence.


Momontho Mashak Monmoy

My HSC GPA was 4.6. I missed Golden A, by accidentally getting A+ in math. In 2009, more than 18000 HSC examinees got A+ (GPA 5.00), and only around 10,000 positions were available for admission in public Universities and colleges of Bangladesh, and private Universities’ tuition fees were unaffordable for me. Well, I never liked Bangladesh Education Board’s public education system because of many reasons, and I was too passionate about CSE to let their poor grades judge me.

It was the beginning of the month of February. I can still remember that day, February 1, 2010, our orientation day at CSEDU. I was sitting in the front, excited, thrilled and shy. I was happy and feeling proud being a part of the great family. Later, our first programming class it was, Ashis Sir explaining what “#include<stdio.h> int main{return 0;}” does. I didn’t understand anything. The next day there was this C lab. The problem was to print “\\Hello World//” to console. As far as I can remember, I couldn’t get rid of those stupid compile errors! But, I wanted to learn programming. So I tried and finished all the basics of C in two weeks.



Being the largest university of the country, University of Dhaka (DU) provides plenty of scholarship opportunities to the students of the university to acknowledge their merits, hard-works and academic performances. In addition, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Dhaka (CSEDU) too provides ample scholarship opportunities to the students of this department. Currently, four types of scholarships are available at CSEDU.

1. Hasna Hena Scholarship

2. Dohatec New Media Scholarship

3. Professor Lutfar Rahman Award

4. Chemon Ara-Ahmedullah Merit Scholarship

5. CSEDU Ambidexterity Award

6. Farida Begum Women Empowerment Scholarship


Prospective Students

Whether you are a prospective undergraduate or graduate student, department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Dhaka (CSEDU) is the place to provide you ample opportunities to build your career.

Welcome to CSEDU. This is our utmost pleasure for considering CSEDU as your possible study. We believe CSEDU offers some of the best academic and student-services programs. Our undergraduate program is accomplished with the best science-oriented students of the country, while the graduate programs encompass one of the best research facilities among the CSE departments in the country.

Here we provide the links of some basic information that may guide you to be confident about selecting the department for your imminent study.